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We are a full service travel center located along Interstate 81.

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Travel Center

Truck Stop  | Radford Travel Center

This is the place to recover after a long day out on the road. Radford Travel Center is proud to provide long haul truckers...

Rest Stop  | Radford Travel Center

Make your next rest stop with us. If you’re driving through western Virginia along Interstate 81, the Radford Travel Center...

Travel Center  | Radford Travel Center

Need a tank of gas or a cold drink? How about a map or a sandwich? If you’re passing through Radford, VA along I-81, Radford...

Don’t hesitate about where to stop on your next long haul along I-81 through Virginia. Stop by or give us a call today! (540) 639-4973

Welcome To Radford Travel Center

Take A Break

Wherever your destination may be, Radford Travel Center is the best place to pause, refresh, and recover along Interstate 81 in the Radford, VA region. Open around the clock, seven days a week, we provide tired travelers with clean facilities, food, drink, and more. Come and see us the next time you’re passing through.

As a full service truck stop, rest stop, and travel center, we supply truckers and motorists with a clean, safe, comfortable place to pull off the highway and refuel, recharge, or just relax for a spell.

You’re guaranteed to find that our bathrooms are always clean and comfortable. Our gas and diesel prices are some of the most competitive in the area with pumping stations that are fast and easy to access.

For truckers who regularly travel up and down I-81, Radford Travel Center is a familiar touch of home out on the road. We provide a full range of services for professional drivers including showers, check cashing services, phones, internet, and numerous places to pull up and take a quick nap or sleep for the night.

If you’re looking for something to eat, the grill at Radford Travel Center serves hot food twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Be sure to stop and try our famous breakfasts! In addition to the grill, we maintain a full travel center that stocks beverages, foods, and other travel amenities.

Don’t hesitate about where to stop on your next long haul along I-81 through Virginia. No one beats Radford Travel Center for amenities, convenience, low fuel prices, great food, and friendly service. Come in and see us on your next trip!