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Travel Center - Fully Stocked

Travel Center  | Radford Travel Center - Radford, VA

Need a tank of gas or a cold drink? How about a map or a sandwich? If you’re passing through Radford, VA along I-81, Radford Travel Center is here to help you find what you need to keep going.

We offer travelers:

24-Hour Service — Radford Travel Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However early or late you pull in, we provide a clean, safe, well-lit facility that is fully staffed and ready to meet your travel needs.

Food — Whether you’re looking for a candy bar and a bag of chips for the road or a full sit down meal, we’ve got the food to keep you fueled. Choose from a wide selection of snack foods, hot dogs, and premade sandwiches in our grocery area. You may also want to take a few moments to enjoy a stack of pancakes or hamburger in our diner.

Beverages — Don’t go away thirsty. We stock a huge range of cold and hot drinks. Grab a refreshing cool beverage for those hot, thirsty afternoon drives or pick up a tall cup of delicious hot coffee to wake you up at the start of the day.

Fully Stocked Travel Center — From air fresheners to GPS systems, we stock everything you need for your journey.

Helpful Staff — The friendly people at Radford Travel Center are always ready to extend a bit of Southern hospitality to weary travelers. Whether we’re refilling your coffee with a smile or helping you find the right exit on your map, we’re always here to help you along your journey!

Fully equipped and professionally staffed, Radford Travel Center is here to provide for all of your travel needs. Come by and see us on your next trip through western Virginia!